It's sad to say that I am now one of coass staff at RSUD Pasar Rebo. I actually graduated from being a medschool-er for 3,5 years and make a quite big step ahead as dokter muda (yes that's what they call us).

and I feel glad about it.

well, it's been my 6th month studying at RSUD Pasar Rebo. Living a coass life is not as easy as you might think, people. But, sometimes I find it fun in some particular ways. I love my life now. or maybe I'm just trying to love it. 

Enough about coass stuff. I don't think spilling out here is a good idea.

Slight Updates

Hi! It's 2014 already.. Again, I had no postings since that last day of Ramadhan which was, last year.
Frankly now I'm actually having this kind of, idk, holiday but it's quite longer than I used to have.

Well I miss writing in this blog, it's like I've been keeping every thoughts I need to spill and I swear, I have my head almost exploded right now. Gushy, eh? I don't think so. This blog's been my virtual diary since idk when. It's funny how I need this blog more than I need my friends to share. I've been spending the whole week, either by chilling at some places or even having some me times. And I can say, my holiday is not that bad thou.

College life? I'll be graduated this year, April I think. I may not be a doctor yet, still need to wait until this coas stuffs are completely done, and I need 2 years or so, to have it all done. Not to mention the UKDI (Ujian Kompetensi Dokter Indonesia), of which I shall pass to get my SIP. Sounds tempting, huh? I how LOVE being in medschool. I just scrolled down and spotted my old post bragging about how I'd love to work at embassy and end up being an ambassador. Life is deceiving, right? But, I thank God for giving me this better path leading to (i wish) prosperous life in the future.

Love life? Okay, so, few of my uncles and aunties have been trying to set me up. There are few 'candidates' who I barely know, and I still can't find any plausible reasons to go steady with anybody. Not even with my boyfriend. I mean, come on, I will, right after I get my SIP and start opening my first clinic. Speaking of boyfriend, it's his birthday today. I got him a pair of shoes, along with a pop up card and a love letter. I know, it's not that much but whatever :P

Gonna write more soon, before the upcoming precoas thingy. I promise :))))

Hello, finally.

OMG this blog has been ditched for like, ever! I intended to write but my body said no. Medschool stuffs kept me busy for the whole year, and i don't even know why I end up here, right now.

Today is the last day of Ramadhan 2013, and I don't think I did my best to make it even better than last year. Enough saying.

I happened to know these 2 girls, who are Septi's friends, and I made a vow that I won't befriend with them. Long story to tell, but the way that girl said that I am just another medstudent who only counts on my parent's money and blablabla is what's worst. This is considerably my first time feeling contempt for ppl who I don't even know. It's sappy to know that I finally got someone to argue with, since I excell it. Look, I know you can make your own money, you can afford anything with the money you've earned. What I'm saying is, I did my best to keep my grade high, the only reason I got good grades is I stayed up late, and studied like, since months before the exam starts. You don't know what I'm dealing with so just shut up okay? 

I don't want this hatred last any longer so, let's just give it a closure and forget it like it never happened.   About me and F, things are going so well, and we just made it to 2nd year anniversary last June. He's the best guy I could ever wish for. I know, there are only 2 options for our near future, either we get married or we break up. Every single thing that revolves around me is lillahi ta'ala. Allah knows me better than I know myself. So, whatever happens between us, there's nothing to worry about. 

Aaaand umm, have I mentioned that I almost finish my medschool? Whoa this is good news I swear. I got new group of peers, and being with them is so heaven on earth, this is something you can't buy with money.

Catch y'all later (some other times when I'm not busy) 

Quick updates

Hello hi! I know it's been a while since the last time I wrote a line or two.
Since my med stuffs getting so much hectic than they were. Got loads to write down here but i don't think I could possibly make it.
Been missing blog a lot, really, the only place to spill everything out.

Oh, Hi!

Yeah that's what I suppose to say, hi!
Since it's been a quite long time til I finally got here. yay! 
Gosh this life seems so much more hating me than before, it's like, you know, torturing me, keeping me in this loooong devious way of living. I mean, I am 20, will be 20 in exactly a month. But who cares? These people might think I am ready enough for the next stage of my life which is for me, I'm not. Okay, I don't even know any well-or-easily-articulated words to describe how I ain't ready for this. Really. You know, I may not know who I'm gonna end up with, but all I know is, love or even marriage is not a set-up. It needs a real feeling, a feeling when you feel your heart stops whenever you see each other, a feeling that comes through your vein whenever your hands intertwined. You know, sounds cliche but that's true.
I watched numbers of movies before, basically I love dramas. And there was a woman, that has to endured all of her remorse for the rest of her life only because she couldn't be with the one she loves

ps : I'm so gonna be ready in maybe.. 3years? :)

I want tigger. TIGGER!

Brain's stuffed

I've been down lately, losing passion, watching my grade in a very poor state.

And even friends or bestfriends are still sulking me to the core. I mean, there's not a thing, or things can keep my mood on the track. Not even my boyfriend.

Okay, I've insisted myself on writing a post but my body said no. Why? Yea right, I've got a LOT if things to do like saman practice, assignments, studying, anatomy examination, they're killing most of my 24 hours a day. Gushy I know, but that's true. My college life's been so much better since I finally know who the real friends are, and somehow you just need to know what you didn't realize at the first place. And my relationship with Faris is goin well, even we -ME- got into a lotta trouble that infuriate him, a lot, but this thing we've had keeps us going on.

I was supposed to study since exam's comin in two weeks, but my mood's totally dropped and studying wouldn't help a bit. What makes it drop is you know my last module about respiratory system, I didnt make it. I got a lousy something. I know one, I'm jared off this kind of thing. I miss my high school when sleeping at 9 won't matter. This devious way I've been going through in medical school is seriously got me crazy. Remember my old goal to be an ambassador or at least working at embassy? And now I'm studying with cadavers all around me, inhaling formalins twice a week, listening to long-perplexing-words in every lectures. Gosh my brain's almost stuffed.

But one thing I know, it's tempting. One of my friend once told me about problems, or difficulties, it depends on your perspective, you see it as an obstacle, or a challenge. Well for me, it's both, it's an obstacle that challenges me to do something more.

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